Business Intelligence

In this globalization era, information is become an important component of daily life. Moreover, we have been facilitated by technological advances that make information very easy to obtain on various platforms. One of the platforms used is Business Intelligence.

Something related to intelligence refers to being smart, fast, and precise. Business Intelligence is an umbrella term that combines architecture, tools, databases, analysis tools, applications, and methodologies. BI's primary goal is to allow easy access to data to provide business managers with the ability to perform analysis. These systems help turn data, into information (and knowledge), into decisions.

UNCAL BI is a process-based technology for analyzing data and presenting information that can help corporate executives, managers, and end users in making informed business decisions. BI is a tool for accessing and analyzing data due to presenting analytical findings in the form of reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps, with specifics about current business conditions.

By improving access to a company’s data, BI can increase profitability through effective decision-making, and optimize internal processes, as well as by increasing business references and increasing competitive advantages. There are various advantages that UNCAL BI has that its utilization can be used to simplify business processes carried out by a company. Among several advantages, UNCAL BI aims to make it easier for companies to use UNCAL BI.

UNCAL BI is a fully Web-Based application system for which there’s no installation needed. UNCAL BI is a graphical codeless function, and its ease of use can encourage companies in the process of analyzing their data and display data visualization results. With a variety of chart options contained in UNCAL BI that can be selected, it is utilized to display visualization results according to the data held through reports and dashboards. UNCAL BI also has benefits, especially because the data processing carried out by UNCAL BI will run quickly and it has an insightful dashboard to display interesting data visualization results and has a comprehensive report. For example, to display production data or sales data from a company and display data visualizations according to specific time intervals so that they can be analyzed. The results of the analysis can be maximized as reports and evaluation materials to increase company productivity. In other words, BI can be a measurement of company performance or related parts.

The purpose of this system is to make it easier for users to analyze large amounts of data, help create a fast and precise strategy, streamline business processes, and make a company more competitive.

Business intelligence is an increasingly important part of modern business. With technology that continues to advance and is supported by good resources, BI can continue to grow in line with business developments. without BI, companies will find it difficult to identify problems that occur and it is difficult to measure company performance. Business Intelligence can be a solution to stand a better chance of getting information about the running of the company's business and gaining a competitive advantage, optimizing operations, and making future decisions.