Exhibitor in Digital Transformation
Indonesia Conference & Exhibition 2023

The Indonesian Telematics Society (MASTEL) and the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), in collaboration with Adhouse Clarion, are hosting the Digital Transformation Indonesia Conference & Expo (DTI-CX) 2023. This annual event is aimed at accelerating digital transformation in Indonesia. The DTI-CX 2023 event series spans two days, from July 26th to 27th, at the Grand Ballroom of the JIEXPO Convention Centre and Theatre in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

“Nowadays, we are facing changing times that are very fast and full of dynamics. Therefore, DTI-CX 2023 is an important milestone to open a new era of digital transformation in Indonesia," said the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Sot. Budi Arie Setiadi, who was also present at the inauguration of the event. DTI-CX is very relevant in helping industries face the digital age. Industries in Indonesia must transform to stay competitive. This event provides an opportunity to explore the latest technologies, products, and solutions that are essential in their digital transformation journey in the digital transformation era where technology is a necessity in every industry.

PT. UNCAL Digital Technology as one of the exhibitors demonstrates UNCAL ESB as the first ESB made in Indonesia is a game-changer for Indonesian businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of modern digital landscapes. By providing a seamless integration platform, connect any system to any system, any messages to any messages talk to each other. UNCAL ESB empowers businesses to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and compete on a global scale. It also offers tailored connectors to match specific business needs.

From manufacturing to finance, healthcare to logistics, UNCAL ESB adapts, ensuring that the nation's diverse businesses can leverage its transformative capabilities. It aligns with Indonesia's digital agenda, supporting the government's vision for a digital nation. It plays a vital role in the growth of e-commerce, the enhancement of public services, and the nation's economic resilience. As Indonesia continues to navigate the complexities and opportunities of the digital age, UNCAL ESB is more than a technology solution; it's a testament to Indonesia's determination to lead in the digital era.